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AMD’s New Excellent Processors Doesn’t Even Need a Graphics Card

siliconreview AMD’s New Excellent Processors Doesn’t Even Need a Graphics Card

In the past few years, GPUs have gone from a reasonably priced computer part to something bordering on as precious as gold. The market has gotten so killer that GPU vendors have limited the number of GPUs one can buy and will only sell at the original MSRP.

Into this fierce market of GPUs, here comes AMD with an all-new processor that is loaded with an integrated graphics card and it is so good that one can actually leave the other GPUs to the crypto miners.

Recently, AMD has launched two new APUs - Ryzen 5 2400G and Ryzen 3 2200G – with Vega graphics technology packed inside. These all-new accelerated processing units (APUs) by AMD are much cheaper than any other processor in the market. The 2400G comes for $170 and is roughly comparable to its rival, Intel’s $255 i5-8600K and 2200G goes for a crazy cheap $100 and is roughly comparable to Intel’s $170 i3 8350K. It is not the first time that AMD is selling cheaper CPUs to undercut its competitors, but now it’s selling CPUs that are not only cheaper but far better choices for people who have no plans to buy a separate graphics card.

Right now, Ryzen 5 2400G and Ryzen 3 2200G are one of the most powerful integrated graphics solution so far. Benchmarks all the across the internet is showing that both chips, 2400G and 2200G can perform perfectly at 1080p in some of the less graphically demanding PC games. So, those who are looking to have a Ryzen-based system but with decently priced video card then 2400G and 2200G might be a sensible solution for you all.