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Hana-chan, the adorable Japanese robot dog sniffs your feet and faints if they are smelly!

siliconreview Hana-chan, the adorable Japanese robot dog sniffs your feet and faints if they are smelly!

A Japanese company has been able to create an adorable robot dog that can tell you with the powerful sensor embedded in its nose, how bad your feet smell. “Hana-chan” will happily wag its tail, if your feet don’t have a bad odor, it will start to bark if it detects moderately smelly feet, and it will just fall over like the smell caused it to faint if they really stink.

In Japan, foot odor is a big deal. Whenever Japanese enter someone’s house, it is very customary there to take off their shoes. It can even be considered harassment in Japan to subject others to foul bodily smell.

For 2 years, the National Institute of Technology Kitakyushu College, in Kyushu, has been developing Hana-chan. Their affiliated company NextTechnology is ready to launch Hana-chan commercially.

Hana-chan is named after the Japanese word for ‘nose’. With a special sensor for its nose, it can tell you if your feet smell by sniffing them for a few seconds.

The robot is programmed to react in three different ways. The reaction depends on the smell of the user’s feet. Hana-chan will wag its tail if detects no bad odors. It will bark in alarm if it detects a moderately bad odor and it will just fall over, as though it fainted if any extremely bad odor is detected.

According to reports, the researchers were inspired to develop the idea of Hana-chan by a person who wanted some way to know if his feet smelled.

You may be able to make Hana-chan faint with your smelly feet, but it can have the same effect on budget-conscious people. NextTechnology plans to start selling the feet-smelling robot for a huge amount of $9,280.