Juniper Networks intends to make it easier for enterprises to migrate to Multi-cloud

Juniper Networks intends to make it easier for enterprises to migrate to Multi-cloud
The Siliconreview
19 Febuary, 2018

American networking Mammoth Juniper Networks on Thursday announced, to expand its portfolio for a secure multi-cloud computing strategy that includes the data center, campus, branch office, and cloud.

Last year, a juniper–commissioned a study by PwC found workload migration is underway in the next three years across every core functional area, such as customer service, systems management, marketing, compute bursting, business applications, DevOps and backup, and recovery.

The study, that included 235 survey responses and 35 live interviews, was conducted in July 2017. Survey respondents identified themselves as CIO or head of IT (52 percent) and vice president of IT or IT manager (32 percent).

“The promise of multicloud is to deliver an infrastructure that is secure, ubiquitous, reliable and fungible and where the migration of workloads will be a simple and intuitive process,” said Bikash Koley, chief technology officer at Juniper Networks. “For IT to be successful in becoming multi cloud-ready, it is critical organizations consider not only the data center and public cloud, but also the on-ramps of their campus and branch networks. Otherwise, enterprises will face fractured security and operations as network boundaries prevent seamless, end-to-end visibility and control.”

“We are bringing the full force of our engineering teams in a bid to simplify networking so that enterprises can migrate from legacy to multi-cloud-ready and eventually to full multi-cloud architectures,” said Michael Bushong, vice president of enterprises and cloud at Juniper Networks in a press release.