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Netflix’s Next Trip to the Upside Down: Stranger Things Season 3

siliconreview Netflix’s Next Trip to the Upside Down: Stranger Things Season 3

It's never too early to start anticipating the return of the Netflix’s thriller series, Stranger Things. Netflix has renewed the series for the third season and details about the sequel are starting to arrive. So, here are few things we know about Stranger Things S3 thus far:

When will it premiere?

Netflix hasn’t announced any release date for the 3rd Season but chances are there that it won't be until 2019. According to previous reports, production on the third season won’t begin until the middle of April.

American star, David Harbour has also mentioned about late arrival, "You probably won't get Season 3 until sometime in 2019."

How many episodes will there be?

Just like the first, the third season will also have eight episodes. While the 2nd Season had 9 episodes and Episode 7 was widely criticized. Perhaps 8 episodes are just sweet for Stranger Things.

What will it be about?

The brothers who co-created the series, are keeping details of the plot under wraps hiding it from the public. However, some details have been leaked.

For instance, executive producer Shawn Levy says that Will Byers will not be the Upside Down's vessel in Season 3; Will is getting a break. Also, he won’t have to through hell again; he'll be dealing with stuff, but won't be at rock bottom. According to GameSpot, there are plenty of theories about how the 3rd season could be. But, possibilities are there that it might range from yet another Dungeons & Dragons-inspired monster to the Shadow Monster permanently bringing the Upside Down World into the reality.

What about Eleven’s sister?

Kali, who is also known as Eight, is something of a long-lost sister to Eleven. She also has mental powers and could be a major force against the Upside Down. Till now there is no confirmation about the return of Kali in Season 3 but the Duffers seem sure it'll happen. "It feels weird to me that we wouldn't solve kali’s storyline," Matt Duffer told The Hollywood Reporter. "I would say chances are very high she comes back."

Who's definitely dead?

While there is always a lot of mystery that surrounds Stranger Things, two deaths are set in stone. Both Barb and Bob were killed by critters from the Upside Down world and there's no other way to bring them back. The town of Hawkins will just have to move on without Barb & Bob.