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OnePlus Is Smashing Phones in Its Bizarre Advertisement Campaign

siliconreview OnePlus Is Smashing Phones in Its Bizarre Advertisement Campaign

OnePlus is at it once again with yet another bizarre advertisement campaign - “OnePlus 5T Speed Challenge”.

Recently, in a new advertisement campaign, OnePlus took its current flagship phone, OnePlus 5T to the streets of London in the UK. After roping four participants from the streets, it then challenged them for a series of face-off speed tests - the OnePlus 5T against the iPhone X, iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S8, and Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

The categories for the tests were: unlocking the phone, taking a picture, turning on the torch, and playing music. And as expected, OnePlus 5T had victory in every round proving itself to be one of the fastest phones ever.

But that is not all; what came after the challenge was really not pleasing. After declaring OnePlus as the ultimate winner, the organizer of the showdown smashed the loser’s phone throwing it on the ground. And what follows was an outburst of bewilderment and anger from each participant.

But, the OnePlus chap wasn’t that stone hearted; it turns out that he actually broke replica phones all along. Also, he gave each contestant a free OnePlus 5T for their trouble.

Back in history, OnePlus has already smashed phones of other brands. The latest promotion was not quite as baffling as OnePlus’ recent experiments with blood, dogs, meat, and cacti, but it seems OnePlus’ obsession with this kind of offbeat marketing is not going anywhere anytime soon.