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“That’s how you graciously accept defeat,” OnePlus showed Xiaomi

siliconreview “That’s how you graciously accept defeat,” OnePlus showed Xiaomi

Recently, the official Twitter account of Xiaomi asked its users in a poll to vote for the preferred Android variation — Android One or MIUI 9. And, plausibly, the final results projected a clear win for Android One on the scoreboard at 57% of the vote, putting MIUI 9 at only 43%.

The poll by Xiaomi itself wasn’t that interesting, as anyone with even the slightest experience in Android will choose stock android – “the closer you get to stock, the more you like it.” But what happened next is surely interesting: the China-based mobile giant, Xiaomi deleted the poll.

Yes, you heard it right. Just after the three days, Xiaomi removed the poll and the tweet. But, wait! This is not over yet; after all, this is the internet. Just two days after Xiaomi deleted the poll from Tweeter, one of the OnePlus employees, Szymon Kopeć, posted a similar poll on Twitter asking users which one they prefer; pure Android or OxygenOS?

At first, things looked like they were going to end up in the favor of OnePlus. But, eventually, the poll ended up in a surprise in favor of pure Android with the similar numbers to the Xiaomi poll: 58% pure Android to 42% for OxygenOS.

But unlike Xiaomi, OnePlus didn’t delete the poll. In fact, it did just the opposite; it accepted defeat with style and grace.

“Thanks for an overwhelming amount of responses. I've read all your comments. Appreciate the positive and, especially, negative ones. It motivates us for further work on OxygenOS and helps to improve the product. Cheers!” Szymon Kopeć tweeted.

Even though OnePlus had blundered in the past few years; from going on to the wrong side of gender politics to the credit card processing hack. But this gesture towards the recent poll and reaction to the results are pure gold and a clear win for OnePlus.