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Here Comes the Big One: iOS 11.3 and Its Top Five Features

siliconreview Here Comes the Big One: iOS 11.3 and Its Top Five Features

The pressure is on. While every other tech company is waiting for their turn to play their cards, Apple is already playing its trump card.

In the next few days, Apple is expected to release the new iOS 11.3 update for all the compatible iPads and iPhones. After iOS 11.2, this is going to be the biggest software update.

Trying to fix a fiasco that happened a few months ago, this time, with iOS 11.3, Apple’s main focus is to resolve the battery life issue, so the owners of older iPhones will be able to toggle between the performance and battery life. Furthermore, it is also introducing some other features as well. So, here are the top five features to look forward to in iOS 11.3.


When it comes to privacy, Apple has never failed. Apple collects personal data to personalize the user experience, and this time with iOS 11.3, the same icon will be displayed on top of the device. It will provide a transparency between the users and the company to build a strong foundation of security.

Battery Health

This iOS 11.3 feature will help users to get a complete insight on the battery condition of their iPhones. Depending on conditions, users will be able to toggle between performance and battery life. This means user’s with older iPhones now will be able to get back the device performance without replacing the battery.

Four New Animojis

This feature is only limited to the iPhone X users. Apple adds four new Animoji characters with this new software update; Lion, Dragon, Skull, and Panda.

Messages on iCloud

To free up storage on the phones, the iMessages now seamlessly syncs with iCloud. Now, one can access messages on devices like iPad and Mac by signing into its Apple ID. Also, if a message gets deleted on one device, it will be deleted from other devices as well.

Multi-Room support for AirPlay 2

This is one of the most amazing features. This new feature will help users to play the same music on more than one Apple devices. If someone has a Home Pod and an Apple TV, now he/she will be able to play music on both devices simultaneously.