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“Black Panther” from Wakanda is looting the box office worldwide

siliconreview “Black Panther” from Wakanda is looting the box office worldwide

Marvel’s “Black Panther” is continuing to march, passing the $1 billion mark breaking many box-office records to dust in just 26 days.  The landmark is based on Disney's estimate of ticket sales, the studio said two days ago. 
 "Black Panther" is the fifth film in Marvel universe to reach the landmark. The other movies to achieve this feat are "The Avengers," ″Avengers: Age of Ultron," ″Iron Man 3," and "Captain America: Civil War."

The film has become the No.2 superhero release of all time making $521 million domestically, surpassing The Dark Knight.

 “Black Panther” is directed by Ryan Coogler and stars Chadwick Boseman and Michael B. Jordan.

"First things first, it's got to work as a movie. That's hard enough to do," Coogler told CBS Network.

"Thankfully I grew up playing football, playing sports and played in college and have been under high-pressure situations in that environment," he said. "But when you let the pressure interfere too much, it can stop you from doing your work."

"The Strangers: Prey At Night," the new horror film with Christina Hendricks managed third place with $10.5 million. The Jennifer Lawrence spy thriller "Red Sparrow" landed in fourth making $8.2 million in its second week and the comedy "Game Night" placed fifth with $7.9 million in weekend three.  

The Academy Award best picture winner "The Shape of Water," which is also available on home video, to capitalize on its post-Oscars stature made $2.4 million from 1,552 locations, bringing its domestic total to $61 million.