Say Hi To the All-New Burger-Flipping Robot, Flippy

siliconreview Say Hi To the All-New Burger-Flipping Robot, Flippy

Next time when you visit a fast food joint to grab a quick bite, don’t be surprised to see a robotic arm flipping burgers in the kitchen - that’s probably Flippy, the burger-flipping robot doing its job.

Created by Miso Robots of Pasadena, California, Flippy is an assistant robot designed to work alongside humans in the restaurant kitchens. And this amazing robot has already made its debut in a fast food corner in Pasadena called CaliBurger. Flippy works in the lunchtime shift at a CaliBurger restaurant, which is a part of a restaurant chain that has outlets in Canada, Mexico, and China. Even though CaliBurger has hired Flippy, human burger-flippers didn’t lose their job; they are still working in the outlet placing the raw patties on the grill and performing other burger-cooking tasks.

This Pasadena based burger-flipping robot is equipped with thermal eyes that monitor the entire cooking process. The bot has also got a spatula-tipped arm that flips the patties and removes them from the grill when they are done. The robot's inbuilt AI system tracks the grill and displays the cooking time for each item on a screen, which alerts the human cooks when it’s time to place cheese on the patties.

Flippy is so smart that it even knows when to switch spatulas (one for raw and one for cooked meat) to prevent foodborne illness — and when to snap on its scraper to clean the grill. It can make up to 300 burgers an hour which is actually fast.

The cost of this fantastic burger-flipping robot is about $60,000 and it is not much to look at.