Rise in Fraud in the Brazilian Food Industry

Rise in Fraud in the Brazilian Food Industry
The Siliconreview
09 March, 2018

It all started last year when many food industries in Brazil hid a secret about their meat products which would eventually affect the health of the consumers. But it was all exposed this week when the Brazil police made a breakthrough in this matter.

After the arrests were made by the police, samples of the meat products were sent for pathogen testing in different laboratories. This whole operation is known as the “Operation Weak Flesh”. After the results came out, it was found that there was “Salmonella” on the product which is dangerous for the health.

The investigation showed that five laboratories and the analysis departments of various food firms falsified results shown to health inspectors and federal police.

Brazil’s huge export industry has been thrown into disarray as countries have temporarily banned imports of its beef and poultry. Accusations included sales of spoiled food and meat tainted with materials like cardboard and acid.

According to Boomerang, the resurfacing of the so-called “Operation Weak Flesh” investigation comes after processed foods and poultry giant BRF has seen four chief executive officers in five years. Its shareholders are at odds over how to revive the company and are looking to replace the board. The stock lost 20 percent of its value Monday, the most since 1998.

BRF, one of the largest food firms, unfortunately, stated that the issues which were investigated by the police showed no health threats and the companies maintained their domestic and international food safety standards.