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GIF Search Engine Tenor, To Be Acquired By Google

siliconreview GIF Search Engine Tenor, To Be Acquired By Google

I just love meme people! Don’t you? Their snappy wisecracks and witty sarcasm matched with perfect images lightens up our day and give us a good laugh. And accept it, the world needs more laughter!

But, who says, humor should be limited to memes. GIFS (The Graphics Interchange Format) are hilarious too. And now, since chatting is too mainstream, the younger generation runs on GIFs and vines and filters and whatnot.

One of the popular online GIF search engine and database, Tenor is being acquired by Google. Yep, that’s right! The biggest company on the earth is adding Tenor to its list of ever-growing acquisitions.

Tenor is well known for launching the first GIF keyboard on iOS. Founded in 2014, by David McIntosh, Erick Hachenburg, and Frank Nawabi, the company amassed a dedicated user base and is available on Facebook and other social media platforms, with more than 300 million users. 

The director of engineering at Google Images, Cathy Edwards said in a blog post, "Most people now use Google Images to find more information about a topic, and to help them communicate and express themselves—case in point, we see millions of searches for GIFs every day.”

"We’ve continued to evolve Google Images to meet both of these needs, and today we’re bringing GIFs more closely into the fold by acquiring Tenor, a GIF platform for Android, iOS, and desktop." She added.

Tenor will stay a standalone brand after the acquisition and will help the tech mammoth, bring up GIFs inside Google images and other services like Gboard.