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From now on, the flying is no more a fantasy!

siliconreview From now on, the flying is no more a fantasy!

Yes, it is true! You read it right. A Dutch company Pal-V unveiled its flying car gyrocopter, the first ever car which can fly.

This week at the Geneva International Auto Show, the engineers at Dutch firm PAL-V uncovered their latest vehicle, Liberty, to the public to gaze.

In flying terms, it is known as an auto-gyro or gyrocopter or in layman terms, the vehicle has helicopter-like blades that rotate freely in order to generate lift. The power required is generated by two 100 horsepower engines, via a separate propeller at the back.

It takes about ten minutes to convert the vehicle to and from flight mode, which can only be done manually.  The car is similar to the one that James Bond drives in You only live twice but the Liberty is bigger, more luxurious, and it can also be used on the road, which means it is no ordinary autogyro. It can use one of its two engines to drive at up to 99mph (160km/h) on the ground, allowing the pilot to drive straight from the garage to his or her destination.

"It's the frustration of general aviation," says chief executive Robert Dingemanse. "With a small plane or a helicopter, you take off from a place you don't want to leave from and end up in a place you don't really want to be. But if you drive, you can start at your garage door, and then go straight to the place you want to be - and that's what we offer - 3D mobility" he added.

 It comes in two pricing options: The "Sport", which clocks in at a cool $399,000, and the "Pioneer", which will lighten your load to the tune of $599,000.