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Silence Broken: Billy Mitchell Says He's Got Proof He Didn't Cheat

siliconreview Silence Broken: Billy Mitchell Says He's Got Proof He Didn't Cheat

The King of King of Kong may be dethroned, but still holds a great to history.

After a long wait, the all-time Donkey Kong champ, Billy Mitchell has finally spoken up against the allegations on his best-known video game records.

According to an investigation that showed several of Billy’s Donkey Kong scores were set on inappropriate hardware, the American organization that tracks video game world records, Twin Galaxies disqualified his high scores and banned him from all the video game competition.

But recently, in a video released to Old School Gamer Magazine where Mitchell serves on the advisory board as "history's most famous video game player", Billy said that he has got all the proofs supporting his innocence.

"The fact of the matter is that now there is a true professional due diligence being done to investigate things that happened as far as 35 years ago, in a professional manner, not in a shock-jock mentality designed to create hits," wearing his signature American flag tie and pocket square, Billy said at the Midwest Gaming Classic in Milwaukee. “We will show that everything that has been done, everything was done professionally — according to the rules, according to the scoreboard, the integrity that was set up.

Billy added - “Everything will be transparent, everything will be available. I wish I had it in my hands right now. I wish I could hand it to you. But it’s taken a considerable amount of time, witnesses, documents, everything, everything will be made available to you, nothing will be withheld.