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Spider-Man PS4 Collector's Edition Updates Announced

siliconreview Spider-Man PS4 Collector's Edition Updates Announced

The wait is about to get over, as the release of one of the most anticipated games, Spider-Man for PS4 is coming closer.

The Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation, Sony has confirmed the release date of the game, which is on 7th September and said that alongside the base game, there will also be several special editions, pre-order bonuses, and post-release DLC.

The Digital Deluxe edition of Spider-Man PS4 will come with the base game and new story chapters in the form of Marvel's Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps. The DLCs will have three chapters with new missions, villains, characters, and new costumes for the superhero. The Digital Deluxe edition of the game will cost $80 in the US. However, the international pricing for the game has not been announced yet.

Those who are willing to spend some more cash, the Collector's edition of the game will be available for $150 and will be limited offering the same DLC as the Digital Deluxe edition. It will also come with a steel book case, a mini art book, and a Spider-Man action figure.

"Pay extra special attention to the statue though and you'll notice something is obviously missing. We haven't revealed the entire statue for the Collector's edition; just Spider-Man perched on top of something. What could that be? It's too spoilery to show you now, but stay tuned!” American video game developer, Insomniac teases on the PlayStation Blog.

For the all the gaming fanatics in the US and Canada who are pre-ordering the Digital Deluxe edition will get a limited edition pin of Spider-Man via mail. The other pre-order bonuses are also available for all editions of the game.