Apple is planning to introduce a new hybrid computer

Apple is planning to introduce a new hybrid computer
The Siliconreview
28 May, 2018

According to reports, Tech giant Apple is developing a hybrid computer powered by ARM processors. The device is dubbed as, “Star” and is likely to be packed with 4g LTE through a dedicated SIM card slot and the body would be water resistant. The company has been using Intel processors since 2005 but now it will use its in-house chips in Mac machines beginning as early as 2020.

The device is a brand new member of the Apple family which will operate on derivative of iOS. LTE and GPS are already supported by ARM processors, which mean that the ARM Macs could be more different from usual Intel-based Macs.

‘’Star’’ is still in a developing stage and it will be ready soon. It is manufactured by Pegatron, a Taiwan based manufacturer. Moreover, few samples were sent to Cupertino for testing. The device is believed to be embedded with touch capabilities as well as have an option to connect with external keyboards. The move by Apple is significant steps towards its sale which will boast touch Think of many 2-in-1 Windows computers that are available on the market today.

Next month, people may have a glimpse of the hybrid device by Apple at the Worldwide Developers Conference 2018. In addition, Apple will announce a refurbished version Mac App Store with iOS 11 App Store-like editorial features.