Chatterbaby – a New App used to detect an Infant’s Crying Pattern

Chatterbaby – a New App used to detect an Infant’s Crying Pattern
The Siliconreview
23 May, 2018

Newly married couples having their first baby undergo many challenges such as identifying the crying pattern of the newly born. For them, Ariana Anderson who is from the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and a group of scientists designed an App called Chatterbaby. This App is designed to detect and monitor a baby’s cry by using an already existing database with more than thousands of crying pattern. These patterns are further classified into three categories namely pain, hunger and fussiness. Based on the recorded audio from the baby when it cries, the app goes through the pattern and gives the result in a bar graph. Eventually, the parent will quickly understand what the baby wants and aid it accordingly.

A parent needs to have a certain skill to detect what the newborn wants. Although a mother’s instinct can tell what the baby is crying for, it is observed that few mothers and fathers cannot give time to their babies. This may be due to the heavy workload in their daily life and hence they do not give enough time to think and hear what their babies are trying to tell.

This is also useful for those parents who are deaf and further can be also used for certain disorders like autism. Sometimes parents have drawbacks of their own and they seek a better life for their kids. So, Chatterbaby is considerably a good App for newly married and for those who have problems of their own. Ariana Anderson plans on improving the App and its features. Let’s see what updates they develop in the future.