iOS camera app Halide gets updated with new features

iOS camera app Halide gets updated with new features
The Siliconreview
01 May, 2018

The popular camera app for iOS, Halide, has been updated to the version 1.8 with some new features like an Apple Watch companion app, new accessibility options, and a self-timer. The major update will allow users to have better control over their photo’s privacy, as they can now strip off the location information from the photos before sharing it.

Now, Halide is a unique app as compared to other existing apps because it has got an attractive, gesture-based interface designed to simplify the use of pro camera features which makes the app a great option for casual photographers and pros alike. The new apple watch for the app is created to give a new experience for the iPhone users, which offers tools for framing shots, setting timers, and triggering the camera shutter on the device for hands-free photos. In Halide 1.8, users will find a new top-level location toggle that lets them to turn off the feature that embeds their location information in each and every photo. There are also options to limit location sharing with Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. 

Other improvements in Halide include support for Dynamic and Bold Type and Voiceover support for Accessibility purposes. Moreover, the new version of the app can be downloaded from the app store for $5.99 and the update is free for the existing customers.