Lufthansa Technik Switches To Red Hat Cloud Solutions

Lufthansa Technik Switches To Red Hat Cloud Solutions
The Siliconreview
08 May, 2018

The open-source software provider firm, Red Hat has announced earlier this week that Lufthansa Technik, a leading provider of aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul services has moved to a hybrid cloud infrastructure based on Red Hat’s enterprise-grade open source technologies running on Azure, Microsoft’s public cloud.

By teaming up with Red Hat, Lufthansa Technik has developed an open-source platform called AVIATAR that helps the aviation industry customers to work together and provide digital offerings designed to improve the overall customer experience. The Red Hat’s Linux container and automation technologies paired with agile DevOps processes will help Lufthansa Technik to create and use new applications more quickly. It will also help the airline to foster integration between internal infrastructure and third-party solutions. Enabling the firm to deploy new components and provide a public cloud option for AVIATAR users, the hybrid cloud environment is developed by using both Azure and on-premise infrastructure to run AVIATAR's application services.

The move by Lufthansa Technik has made the firm to think differently about its digital future. And Red Hat’s capabilities are helping the German Aircraft maintenance firm to accelerate in improving the manufacturing process from automation to storage to self-service provisioning.

“Red Hat’s technologies are at the core of this organizational shift: Lufthansa Technik is offering an open technology platform that invites industry players to collaborate,” says Matthew Hicks, Senior Vice President, Engineering, and Red Hat.