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Physical Security – Augmented to the next level

siliconreview Physical Security – Augmented to the next level

In the US, a home burglary occurs every 13 seconds. Keeping this in mind, physical security is very much needed in order to protect and safeguard our valuable assets. So, companies and many other security-related firms are currently working on Cloud storage devices. In the past, there was very limited storage for physical devices but now wireless cameras can effortlessly archive various footages on the cloud and retrieve it anytime and anywhere. Artificial Intelligence is also implemented for better security along with multi-sensor cameras. Not to mention Advanced Video Analytics that is used to study and identify the points of friction when unwanted threats appear in warehouses and production facilities.

When everyone is busy talking about cybersecurity, many have forgotten physical security is also important. It is evident that small businesses go out of business within a time frame of six months. This shows cybersecurity is very much needed for growing businesses. But there are other threats which may occur in our neighborhood every now and then. Those who don’t belong to the business category or the high-class category will have face threats such as burglars, stalkers, etc. According to recent studies, it is observed that around 2,500 cars were stolen every day. Out of this only, 13 percent were caught. In 2016 around 8.8 percentage of small businesses suffered from burglary and thefts.

This shows physical threats are all around us and it really doesn’t matter if it is a house or a business. Everyone is at risk so in order to be safe, it is smart to upgrade and see if these new technologies can succor you in any way.