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Now Robots Will Be Fire Extinguisher!

siliconreview Now Robots Will Be Fire Extinguisher!

Believe it or not but robo dragons are a real thing now! And they have superpowers to fly! Yes, you read it right. Hose-powered robo-dragons designed by Japanese researchers, build to break into the windows of burning buildings and gush out powerful jets of water through its outlets to extinguish the fire. It is amazing to see how it powers itself and flies because of the extreme downward water pressure.

The credit for this wonderful innovation goes to Tohoku University and Hachinohe College. They presented this DragonFireFighter at the international conference on Robotics and Automation held last month. It was also displayed at the International Fire and Disaster Prevention Exhibition in Tokyo.

We all would agree that fire incidents are unfortunate and it mostly happens in places that are difficult to reach. Identifying the source of fire, and then looking for options to tackle them is not that easy. The feasible solutions are either to pour water from windows or break into the house, although the latter is pretty dangerous. Hence, the invention of this snake-like a robot is a brilliant solution to any fire-related deadly disaster.

It basically works on the same principle of a simple hose. But the add-on advantage is that has several nozzles, pointing in several directions, and the opening and closing of the nozzle can be independently controlled according to the need.  It seems that for now, it may be effective to just direct the water pressure into the window, but its future scope is beyond imagination.

Such invention sure does prove that human imagination and zest for technical advancement has no boundaries!