TechCrunch has started rolling out early bird passes for Disrupt 2018

TechCrunch has started rolling out early bird passes for Disrupt 2018
The Siliconreview
25 June, 2018

TechCrunch is back with its annual tech conference Disrupt which will be hosted in Berlin, Germany is a great platform for hundreds of new age start ups wanting to showcase their best tech and products.
Started in 2011, its first conference was held in Beijing. Since then they have been hosting these tech conferences in various cities across America and Europe, Berlin being their front runner since it is a leading hub of startups amongst other cities like San Francisco, New York, Beijing and London.

Disrupt is a two day tech conference that provides a platform for various start ups to network with venture capitalists. They attract a huge crowd of people ranging from investors, marketers, founders and job seekers. One can spend their time exploring through this vast variety of startups packed with the latest tech and immense talent.

They have an interesting concept called CrunchMatch which is a Business match making platform that simplifies networking for founders and investors and connects them to similar business profiles.

Along with the entire above jamboree, they are also host to an event called Startup Battlefield where various startups participate to pitch their business plans and ideas to venture capitalists, the media and other interested units, some of the past participants of which have been Dropbox, Trello, Vurb and Mint.

Disrupt 2018 takes place in November at the Arena Berlin. This is just a tiny glimpse of what you can expect at the world’s most popular tech conference that is a huge ground of opportunities and the much deserved exposure for start ups.