Uber is set to launch its low data version: Uber Lite

Uber is set to launch its low data version: Uber Lite
The Siliconreview
13 June, 2018

Uber, one of the most famous and widely used transportation giants experiences huge demand and estimated to have 75 million riders per month.  The usage of the app is not just limited to the cities in the United States but exists in more than 800 cities worldwide. To grow its market further in the developing countries, Uber had to rethink about the app so that it works in the slowest networks and oldest phones.

Uber’s head of rider experience, Peter Deng, and his team traveled across the globe to find out what was users’ demands and expectations from Uber. Based on the findings, they designed Uber Lite, a lighter version of Uber app that occupies minimum memory space. It is launched first in India, its potential market before rolling out in other countries.

“You delete three selfies, you have room for Uber”, Deng mentions mockingly. Uber Lite promises to burn fewer data and now it is easier to hail a ride, even in sluggish network conditions. 

The fear of losing its potential markets in developing countries and growing competitors has paved the way for Uber Lite. The all new Uber Lite ensures easy ride booking, less memory consumption, on-demand map navigation. Uber Lite is an initiative of Uber, a global company that understands the users’ expectation of hassle-free ride.