Alan Maps makes possible for people to locate doctors around them

Alan Maps makes possible for people to locate doctors around them
The Siliconreview
04 July, 2018

Health insurance startup, Alan, has recently launched a new service in France as Alan Maps. Its aim is to help you locate doctors, dentists and related information around you. Similar to Google or Android maps, one has to enter the name of the doctor or the type of doctor that you are looking for. The interface of the app is that of a map that displays the doctors’ information in the form of dots. By clicking on the dots, you get access to the doctors’ name number address and any other details that you would ideally require to know like working hours and average pricing. One can simply find out the doctor’s availability before booking an appointment and whether they accept national health cards.

It proves to be quite an integral feature for people today as compared to the traditional method of looking for doctors around you in a phone directory since it saves you tons of time and provides accurate results on the basis of your search. Alan soon plans to collaborate with MonDocteur, an app that enables you to book doctor appointments, to be able to reserve appointments via Alan Maps directly. MonDocteur and Doctolib are two of the leading healthcare service companies in France. However, in comparison to them, Alan has not only partnered with Local practitioners but also joined hands with the official health directory as part of France’s National Healthcare Initiative that gives you access to over 2 lakh professionals along with pricing details for most of them.

Furthermore, once Alan users have located a doctor, they also get an idea of the reimbursement that they are expected to receive from Alan as well as the National Healthcare System. In the near future, Alan plans to introduce various other features with respect to design and additional data for its app.