ERP software by ePROMIS shines Light on the Darwish Engineering Emirates

ERP software by ePROMIS shines Light on the Darwish Engineering Emirates
The Siliconreview
30 July, 2018

The leading general contracting company in UAE, Darwish Engineering Emirates is implementing construction industry-specific ERP software that is designed by ePROMIS. The Darwish Engineering Emirates company that was established in 1952 is confirming that it is upgrading project on ERP software is underway.  The two companies feel that the ERP software implementation is advancing steadily as per their project plan.

Also, the joint statement made by them shows the ERP software system will leverage an integrated set of functionalities and standardize business processes. The construction project life cycle is complicated and hence the potential benefits of focusing primarily on improvements will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the operations says Darwish Engineering. 

Keep in mind that the Darwish Engineering Emirates is a long-standing ePROMIS customer for a very long time. The ERP software is actually an upgrade that is being covered for accounting, financial purposes, asset management, VAT compliance and procure to pay. It is also used for construction project management, human capital management, reporting modules, and payrolls. By optimizing the latest ePROMIS ERP enterprise edition, Darwish Engineering Emirates hopes to build a successful venture and to add value for its customers. By transforming the operation, it is evident that Hateem Saheen, the finance manager of Darwish Engineering feels that the company will propel to the next stage and evolve for the good. Let us see what happens in the future.