ezCater makes its first international expansion move

siliconreview ezCater makes its first international expansion move

An American corporate catering company, ezCater is investing $100 million to acquire GoCater, a European marketplace which works in the same field. The investment is done to expand its business outside of America.

ezCater is a famous name in the catering business, and many workplaces have been using its services to bulk order food for office parties, get lunch together during an off-site etc. The company has the potential to cater breakfast, lunch or dinner for as many as 100 people. The company doesn’t cook the food itself; rather it connects the users with nearby restaurants or caterers. It lets them browse the menu of different restaurants around them using the company’s website and place the order.

You may be wondering what is so different about ezCater. Though you might know all the restaurants around you and have a fixed mind about where to order from, ordering through ezCater can be a different experience altogether, as it provides certain benefits like centralizing the receipts in the same interface to get a better understanding of spendings on catering. Even, GoCater does the similar business in France and Germany. GoCater allows creating a wishlist of catering option. The company’s clients have to pay once per month for all the order collectively.

ezCater works on a much bigger magnitude than GoCater with over 60,000 restaurants in its platform. As ezCater aims its expansion in Europe, GoCater is a promising firm for the purpose as it already has a team on the ground in Europe. For now, both the brands will exist even after acquisition but slowly it will merge into a single product.