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Facebook now deletes posts of malicious financial bluffs and tricks

siliconreview Facebook now deletes posts of malicious financial bluffs and tricks

 A lot of fraudulent activities have taken place in the past years using Facebook as a safe weapon. The insanely popular social media giant, Facebook has taken major steps to ban threats, conspiracies that might incite violence, trolling etc. As financial frauds have increasingly become rampant on Facebook, it has decided to take strict actions against someone who tries to endanger people financially or trick them for monetary benefits.

Facebook is an open platform which gives people the freedom to speak up their minds. Some people take unjust advantage of it and post vile things including offensive ideas, conspiracy theories, demeaning comments and so on. The question here arises that where to draw the line on free expression. Whether or not these posts should be entirely removed is the question of debate.

Facebook repeatedly keeps mentioning that it a social platform for voices around the world, but not a Government, and hence, not bound to abide by any human rights laws. It cannot completely discard peoples’ right of expression and hence tries to give free expressions maximum possible allowance, but that can be misused in some cases to cross boundaries.  

Facebook doesn’t allow any content that could physically or financially harm people and intimidate or offend them through hateful languages. This gives Facebook a wide platform to fight against any scamming or shady business of Ransomware. Facebook recently removed four pages of Infowars news to ban the videos of conspiracy theories. Facebook has described its policies with more clarity and transparency. Such efforts by the Facebook team to value safety make us sigh in relief!