Naoris Join hands with Prow, Launches Blockchain-Based Cybersecurity

Naoris Join hands with Prow, Launches Blockchain-Based Cybersecurity
The Siliconreview
06 August, 2018

Naoris, a Blockchain specialist firm is all set to roll out blockchain-based cybersecurity system across IT Networks for the first time in the Middle East. The announcement was made as a part of the 2017 Dubai cybersecurity strategy.

“We are pleased that PROW has agreed to utilize our platform across its networks. As project managers and IT experts, PROW can see that we will be invaluable to its clients and offer well-guarded solutions as its networks grow larger and more complex,” said David Carvalho, CEO, Naoris.

Prow, an UAE-based IT solutions company, and Naoris has signed a partnership. Naori will set up its ecosystem within Prow’s critical data infrastructures and asses Prow’s Middle East framework. Since Prow provides cloud-based solutions and digital transformations to major tech firms, Naoris will provide a robust system for its IT infrastructure. Naoris Artificial Intelligence and blockchain-based platform will help Prow to secure its client’s network as it controls different IT projects in sectors like retail, healthcare, government, etc.

Naoris security ecosystem provides an infinitely scalable platform for reporting cyber threats and deliver near-instantaneous detection.  The rule-bound and distributed consensus of the Platform’s ecosystem will enable fixes to happen before the occurrence of any attacks. Every single node in the blockchain performs as an added distributed layer protection layer; solutions by Naori will secure and agile the networks whenever they become weaker.

According to Prow, as the company will expand, there will be more cybersecurity requirements. Naoris’ scalable and robust systems will help the company to safeguard data infrastructures across the Middle East.