Intel and Alibaba’s Collaboration Will Help Enterprises to Utilize IoT

Intel and Alibaba’s Collaboration Will Help Enterprises to Utilize IoT
The Siliconreview
25 September, 2018

Intel and Alibaba cloud have built an IoT- based computing platform exclusively for enterprises. The new platform is known as Joint Edge Computing Platform. It will enable IoT applications to connect AI and cloud computing through the platform’s open architecture.

The platform will also cater to the needs of different industries. Compute intensive tasks like AI and ML training can be performed on the new platform, allowing the enterprises to perform the tasks at the edge of a network. Apart from it, the server also connects to Alibaba Cloud to carryout heavier workloads.

As per the collaboration, Intel will fuel up Alibaba cloud by software optimization capabilities, processors, and silicon acceleration technology. Along with it, Alibaba will also get the Open View computer vision development toolkit.

According to the executives of both Alibaba and Intel, Alibaba link IoT edge server lies at the heart of the new platform.

A Chinese alloy die-casting specialist, Yumei is an early adopter of the Joint Edge Computing Platform. It helped the company to identify defects in real time through its computer vision capabilities. The process has improved the company’s detection rate by five times.

“Alibaba and Intel have taken an important step in putting the power of computing and AI software tools in and near edge IoT devices to ensure time-critical decisions happen at the edge – without the need to continually go back to the cloud or back to the core,” said Tim Sheedy, principal advisor of Ecosystem, a technology research and advisory firm.