JUST bounces back, releases plant-based eggs

JUST bounces back, releases plant-based eggs
The Siliconreview
07 September, 2018

After a very turbulent period, the startup JUST, previously known as Hampton Creek has launched a plant-based alternative to eggs. This move is sure to attract the attention of strict vegetarians as well as vegans. This alternative to egg will be completely free of any kind of dairy, lactose or any actual egg based contents.

Startups such as JUST aim to target the rapidly emerging market of vegans all over the globe. Animal rights activists from several countries have been vigorously campaigning to curb the sale of meat and other animal-based consumables. Several studies have been published and awareness drives carried out to highlight the advantages of giving up meat. Such groups have been successfully using social media to raise awareness for their cause. This has given rise to a surprisingly large market consisting of vegans, allowing companies like JUST to thrive.

The founder and CEO of JUST, Josh Tetrick, was excited by the progress of his company and said in a statement that the alternative to egg is a major milestone and that he was excited for it to become a part of the mainstream diet for millions of families. In addition to the egg, the company also sells salad dressing, mayo, and dough for baking cookies. Furthermore, it is also aiming to launch vegan meat, which is grown in a laboratory. Incidentally, the market for alternative meat is also growing steadily.

This development is a leap forward for the company which has attracted big names in VC that include Eduardo Saverin, co-founder of Facebook, Marc Benioff, CEO and founder of Salesforce and Khosla Ventures.