Salesforce Releases new Features for its Cloud Platform

Salesforce Releases new Features for its Cloud Platform
The Siliconreview
07 September, 2018

Salesforce, the American software giant launched a few new features for its cloud platform. The announcement was made public on Thursday. The new features will pave ways for the companies within Salesforce to carry out their sales process which includes marketing and sales to billing.

According to Salesforce, the company is happy to serve the customers with Sales Cloud platform; the customers will be able to use the comprehensive and unparalleled lead-to-cash platform with loads of features like faster prospecting, flexible billing, and intelligent marketing automation.

The new features are High-Velocity sales (Sales cadences, work queues), Salesforce billing, and pardot.

Sales cadences will help the company managers to create personalized activity report for their sales teams. It will help the CRM team to take actions quickly in the prospecting process. Automatic emails or even phone calls may be used to communicate with the customers.

Work queues are a feature inside the cloud platform that can build a prioritized email and call list. The list will be prepared on the basis of Sales cadences insights and Einstein lead scoring, which select the most effective lead. The lead will help reps to create a stronger, supple pipeline.

Powered by a lighting platform, Salesforce billing will carry out automated renewals and adjustments. With the help of usage-based pricing, the companies will be able to provide flexibility and automated changes to their customers. The changes will be applied immediately.

Salesforce B2B marketing automation tool Pardot is now powered by its intelligence AI and lighting platform. The software giant believes that the collaboration will help sales teams communicate with their marketing counterparts in a more effective way.