Ellcie’s glasses can detect if the wearer is falling asleep

siliconreview Ellcie’s glasses can detect if the wearer is falling asleep

For people working long hours or having to commute long distances regularly, falling asleep behind the wheel is a major hazard. Hundreds of accidents around the world are caused each year by exhausted drivers falling asleep while driving. Additionally, truck drivers who transport goods over long distances also run the risk of falling asleep at the wrong time. A French company has come with an innovative solution to deal with this problem, with smart glasses fitted with sensors that detect if the wearer is alert or not.

The sensory technology embedded in the glasses is able to detect if the users are drifting off the sleep, by analyzing numerous factors like the number of head nods, yawns, and a number of eye blinks and so on. If any of the parameters cross a certain threshold, the glasses send an alert to the user. Additionally, the level or the intensity of the alerts is variable, in the form of flashes or a buzzing sound, to jolt the user out of sleep. The glasses can also be connected to a smart device like a phone or tablet, and can also work independent of them.

For now, the company is selling their product only in France but plans to expand to other markets. The glasses are boon for professionals who often need to travel long distances and face exhaustion regularly.