Netflix rolls out a new feature for iOS users

siliconreview Netflix rolls out a new feature for iOS users

Netflix launches a new feature for iOS users. The feature will allow the users to watch shows and movies even when they are not connected to the internet.

Dubbed as smart downloads, the feature deletes any video after a user has finished watching it and then downloads the next video, but only through Wi-Fi.

A user can use the new feature by visiting the Netflix App settings and then find the option to use it. The feature turns itself on whenever the user connects his/her device with the Wi-Fi. The feature will alert the users when the new video in the question is downloaded.

Smart downloadsare preferable for those users who plan for intermittent connectivity, for instance, people who take the underground trains or travel through zones where wireless coverage is poor. The feature is also very good for the users who use limited data plans, who are very conscious about not using apps on their regular data packs.

The users will not have to manage their downloading, for example, removing the list of watched videos or downloading of any new title. Instead, Smart downloads can mage downloading itself for the users, therefore, users can spend more time watching Netflix shows.

According to Netflix, earlier, the feature was rolled out to Android users. Apart from iOS and Android, it is also now available across different platforms like the Netflix app for Windows 10.

The company is focusing on offline access in the developing markets. Netflix has also tested a budget-friendly subscription called, mobile-only subscription.