A New Milestone in Hypersonic Flight Technology

A New Milestone in Hypersonic Flight Technology
The Siliconreview
09 April, 2019

Engineers say they have passed a development milestone in the propulsion system to enable hypersonic air travelling. New tech for the Synergetic Air-Breathing Rocket Engines is now focused by the UK based Reaction Engine Development. It is said to allow aircraft to fly up to five times faster than the speed of sound itself. In other words, it is said to be 3,836 miles per hour or Mach 5. Furthermore, it is said that the hypersonic fights that happen between London and Australia can be over within four to five hours. Many commercial plane makers feel that there is a need for supersonic jets in order to travel faster and quicker.

In order to achieve that speed, it is essential to have engines that process air flows in an extremely high temperature. It is said that Reaction Engines has a precooler component that allows the use of engines in extreme heat. Furthermore, it has also handled temperature in 420 degrees which is quite a lot said by many experts in the industry. While reaching a Mach speed of 3.3, it is essential to have such coolers in the aircraft. Hence, allowing the aircraft to travel three times faster than usual.