Xbox Game Studios to Join Hands with Turner Sports’ ELEAGUE

Xbox Game Studios to Join Hands with Turner Sports’ ELEAGUE
The Siliconreview
17 April, 2019

Xbox Game Studios, a video game company under Microsoft Corp will join hands with Turner Sports’ ELEAGUE. The announcement was made public on Tuesday. Under the partnership, Microsoft will launch a documentary series based on “Gears of War” players. The series will be launched along with a new video game later this year.

There will be a six-hour-long program in the series, which will focus on the new game- Gears 5. The lives of the star players of the game across the world will also be shown in the series. The series will be released on June 14 on Turner’s TBS network.

ELEAGUE will host the first- Gear 5 esports tournament in July this year. It will also announce its first multiplayer mode in action. The coverage will be streamed on Twitch, an online video streaming platform and Bleacher Sports Live, an online sports streaming platform. There is no information about the financial terms of the partnership.

Esports fans watch live video game tournaments in packed stadiums as well as online.

The new partnership will pave the way for Turner to serve its sports and entertainment audience again. Apart from that, the partnership will also allow Turner to tap new segments of the ballooning gaming viewership.

In terms of fans, the followers of Esports are more active, interactive, and more interactive than other sports audience. According to reports, the revenue of Esports will rise by 27 percent globally (1 billion in 2019).