Citrix ADC will now be Red Hat Openshift Operator Certified

Citrix ADC will now be Red Hat Openshift Operator Certified
The Siliconreview
27 August, 2019

 Expanding its open-source integration, Citrix Systems is on a roll. It is helping companies leverage a modern innovative cloud environment for various leading providers. This will eventually accelerate its move on the Cloud. With its new announcement on the Red Hat OpenShift, Operator Certification is on the buzz. Now across all Red Hat platforms, Citrix ADCs will be compatible. So you can use Citrix ADCs in various platforms like Red Hat OpenShift. Also, the complete stack is commercially supported by Red Hat and Partners.

MihirManiar who is currently the Vice President of Product Management including Networking at Citrix did tell that in this application-driven world, modern IT organization has to create an environment that suits the current trend. In other words, delivering apps in a flexible and agile way but having all the security features, scalability and reliability with the system should be the main aim. He further added that with it's Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification the company is currently expanding its option on its customers.

We all know that Citrix ADC is a software-centric application, which is a load balancing solution that is mainly designed to provide a very high-quality digital enterprise experience.  Regardless of where they are hosted these high-quality digital enterprises experience is provided for the cloud-native application, traditional reasons and the wed.