Amazon’s New Service Will Prevent Stealing

Amazon’s New Service Will Prevent Stealing
The Siliconreview
10 January, 2019

Amazon will start delivering packages inside the customer’s garage to prevent stealing. Recently, in the US, the company partnered with New Jersey state police authorities to catch thieves with the help of GPS.

In the latest development, Amazon is partnering with Chamberlain Group to gain access to the customer’s garage in order to cut down on stolen products and goods.

Both the companies have made clear statements on their views about safeguarding the packages from being pilfered and missing deliveries. The statement was made during the service Key for Garage at this year's CES in LA.

For the garage delivery initiative, the new service will join Amazon’s key for home and keys for vehicles since it continues to search new methods to prevent mischiefs.

The new service will need a couple of hardware like an Chamberlain my Smart Garage Hub which costs around $80,with that Amazon representatives can enquire to the person who will open the garage. The new service is very beneficial for the Amazon prime users but it will be also pretty handy for the non- prime customers since it will allow them to access the garage remotely using the Amazon Key app.

If any user wants to keep an eye on their garage, they can install an Amazon cloud camera for a live view and to keep a trace on the delivery person.

As per reports of 2017, In the US, about 11M home owners have reported to be stolen in 2016.