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Ciitizen Hopes to Transform the Lives of Cancer Patients by Giving Them Control Over Their Health Records, Raises $ 17 Million

siliconreview Ciitizen Hopes to Transform the Lives of Cancer Patients by Giving Them Control Over Their Health Records, Raises $ 17 Million

Ciitizen, a company with major focus on helping patients organize and share their medical records, has raised $17 million in a new funding round. Sometimes, patients fail to record, store and share their healthcare information with the concerned professional to further proceed with their treatment. Founded by the creators of Gliimpse, Ciitizen attempts to completely eliminate this issue. Gliimpse is an Apple acquisition that has been incorporated into the company’s HealthKit.

In the present time, maintaining digitized health records is of paramount importance, but that still remains a barrier to quality care and proper treatment. Though healthcare institutions spend millions on Electronic Health Records annually, that’s not enough for the expenses done. This is what attracted investors in the Andreessen Horowitz-led round. Vijay Pande, a general partner in Andreesen Horowitz, said that Ciitizen is in complete understanding of the struggles of cancer patients including the hassles that they have to go through, to manage their medical records in the current healthcare system. Therefore, the team at Ciitizen has taken up the responsibility to develop sophisticated technology and tools, using its deep insights, to reduce such struggles and putting the power back in the patients’ hand.

Andreessen Horowitz too led the company’s seed funding last July, and its continued support will reaffirm the rapid progress that the company has been making. It will also further approve Ciitizen’s capability to make a significant contribution in the field of healthcare across the globe. The formation of investors Section 32 by Bill Maris and Verily, the former head of Google Ventures and one of the healthcare subsidiaries that spun out of Google X respectively, will add to Ciitizen’s efforts to enhance their potential to transform the way patients engage with their health data.