How to Develop a New Commercial Site While Studying in College If you are reading this, then you have considered developing a website for your business.

How to Develop a New Commercial Site While Studying in College If you are reading this, then you have considered developing a website for your business.
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09 October, 2019

There are two methods to create websites. First is by using HTML and CSS codes (used by professional web developers). The Second approach, Content Management Systems (WordPress or Wix), is useful to anyone. Web development isn’t easy for a beginner or a person with no training in design. Are you this person? Don’t worry, our hands-on guide details how to build interactive and dynamic sites. We will help you boost your business. We provide easy-to-read information that will soon have you designing commercial websites.

Why Create a Website?

Advancements in technology have taken the marketplace to the web. According to GeoTrust (2018), more than 20,000 new online stores open weekly. For a business to cope with the shifts in the business environment, they need to take their business to the web. With a website, you can take online orders for your products. One may argue that social media is more convenient to use than a commercial site. This claim is false if you intend to store the data of your customers for commercial purposes. We will help you build a site where clients can create accounts. Interactive sites also allow them to specify their details. Such websites provide more privacy options to both the seller and buyer. Dynamic web content has changed the experience of the customers. Examples include shopping carts and social media links. One is likely to meet the needs of the client better when they have a website than through other platforms.

Come Up with the Website Commercial Direction

Finding a niche that you are passionate about but is also profitable can be challenging. The desire to tap into the market by itself is not enough. You must have the necessary skills and competencies. There are several markets you can venture during your college education. Examples include tutoring, podcasting, photography, resume writing, baking, bookselling, among others. The key to the commercial direction of your website is dependent on solving a problem. Conduct some research to identify the exact needs of your market. Narrow down the niche. For example, you may find out that most graduate students can't complete assignments. Thus they need academic writers for writing a dissertation. Identify the subject areas that this group needs help. It could be nursing, literature, sometimes a college application essay, among others. Compare these needs to your skills and determine the best service or product to provide. If able, test your niche by setting up a landing page before you set up the website. This approach will cut the risks inherent when setting up a website, save you resources, and time


Manage Your Time and Prepare a Work-friendly Space

Before launching the design process, consider preparing a workspace that meets your needs. Make sure it is not intrusive. Most designers wish to make their working space more accessible. They rarely consider its user-friendliness. Consider both the physical and virtual workspaces. Improve your virtual workspace by organizing your files and cleaning your desktop. You can arrange your apps for optimal flow. If building the site from scratch, pick a set of tools that best serve your needs. Software programs such as Notepad ++ and Dreamweaver are suitable for professional developers. But, for a person with no training, CMS programs come in handy. Planning is an excellent time management strategy. An ingenious blueprint guides the decisions you make over the next steps. It also helps you create a friendly workspace. Also, all upcoming enterprises need to stick by their budget. A good plan enables you to avoid spending more than you need. Your financial plan may include fees for a web hosting service or registration of a domain name. To cut costs, usebest EssayWritingService for professional website content.

Develop and Prepare Your Product for Sale

Whether you will be selling products or providing a service, preparation is vital. For products, design its look and build a prototype. If you need the help of a manufacturer, hire them to help make a sample. Most students develop the product themselves from the comfort of their home. Packing is the next logical step after completing product development. This step is dependent on the type of product you are selling. Some sell bakery products, others cologne, or body lotion. If you already imagined the outlook of the product, you already know how to pack it. If stuck, there are several detailed guidelines online that are easy to study. They will help you determine an appropriate packaging method.

Choose Platform for Your Site

The platform you choose for site developing influences achieving business goals and success. Your website represents your brand and drives your sales. Thus, the selection of a CMS or web building platform is inevitable. Some CMS programs are free, while others charge a fee. Paying more does not guarantee better service. Thus, you need to consider various factors that will meet your business needs. Check the platform’s features and functionality requirements. Find out if a person can edit or add content, including images and videos. Determine if the platform creates sites that are responsive across devices. Also, check if they are searchable. Ask if the platform supports e-commerce functions. Finally, calculate to ensure that associated costs fit within your budget.


Get Web Hosting and Register a Domain Name

Choose a short, descriptive, meaningful, and unique domain name. Ensure it has no hyphens or numbers to make it easy for customers to remember. Register it with an ICANN company or the organization that will host your site. Some are free while others you pay an annual fee. Another critical step is hosting your domain name. There are two options. Pay a periodic fee (monthly or yearly) to a hosting service or secure a web server to host your website. The latter is expensive, requires a server license, and requires specialized skills. If the cost does not bother you, consider the general rules for buying property. The former is more friendly to a college student. You get a more stable and secure website than hosting it by yourself.

Find and Install Your Site Theme

The site theme is the look and feel of the website. We understand that a website is a collection of webpages. A theme gives these pages cohesiveness. If you selected the right platform, you should find diverse customizable website themes. To describe what you are selling better, add HD images and graphics. Do not go overboard. Having a limit ensures that navigating the website remains faster. To reach a wider audience and reach a profitable property level, add widgets. Elements such as shopping cart, social media links, improve the customer experience. Also, you will conduct surveys to determine the satisfaction levels of your customers.

Add Content to Your Website

Think about what you want to include on your website. While at that, consider what your customer would want. Content management should not be a one-time affair. Always update your website as your business expands. Gather various topics and make them different webpages. Ensure that what you add is relevant to your venture and specific to your target market. You could have a home, products, services, offers, contacts, and payment methods pages. Each of these pages should detail particular information, for example: about service.

Congratulations! You finished creating your first commercial website. If you applied the guidance of this guide, you brought your business to life. Now that you have the online presence of your startup, all you have to do is maintain your website. Update it with new products or services as you grow. Learn how we can help in your next web development project by contacting us through e-mail or phone.

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