Instagram’s New Tool to Prevent Phishing Scams

Instagram’s New Tool to Prevent Phishing Scams
The Siliconreview
11 October, 2019

Instagram’s new tool will help prevent phishing scams among its users. In recent time, fake Instagram emails have been flourishing on the platform. The new tool will verify the emails sent to the users, preventing any kind of suspicious content affecting the accounts.

Currently, many of the Instagram accounts have found it difficult to differentiate between a scam file and a genuine one. Hence, the new tool will solve out the problem.

Reportedly, the majority of the accounts have received emails asking login credentials and eventually personal details. The users are finding it hard to tackle the situation. These phishing emails even have managed to enter the weak spam filters and looked very much like a genuine message. This has made it more difficult for the users to recognize a scam file.

The new tool will verify the emails sent to users. The main goal of the tool is to help users to differentiate between phishing emails and the genuine ones that claim to be from Instagram. Users can use the new security feature by tapping on the Settings option. The tool will let anyone check the authenticity of the email.

The phishing emails will not appear in Instagram’s settings menu, while only the genuine Instagram emails will be visible. Therefore, users can easily get to know whether if someone has tried to scam their account.