5 Common Front Desk Problems in a Corporate Environment and How to Deal with Them

5 Common Front Desk Problems in a Corporate Environment and How to Deal with Them
The Siliconreview
13 Decemebr, 2019

When a guest enters your office, the last thing you want for them is an unwelcoming experience. The front desk is the first place your guests see. The experience needs to be pleasant and easy. Before you can fix the problems, you have to recognize what they are. Then, it is relatively simple to make your corporate front desk experience organized and friendly.

These are five of the most common problems and how to best deal with them:

Relying on Paper to Track Guests

Corporate settings generally have busy front desks. The best way to manage who is coming and going is by using Visitor Management Software. They can be used with a manned or unmanned front desk. Without software, the only person who knows who is entering and exiting the building is the front desk host. That doesn’t help anyone, especially the people who are meeting with the guests. All too often, no one checks the paper logs and the logs end up in a closet where they gather dust for years.

Lack of Security

Without visitor management software, the only tracking of guests is done through paper. Since the guest book sits at the front desk, no one in the office knows who is entering the building. This creates a potentially dangerous environment for everyone in the office. When visitors check in on an app, necessary employees are alerted and security can be boosted. Front desk security can even be extended into WiFi password scrambling that will certainly keep people off the streetfrom accessing information.

No Information Available for Guests

When guests arrive in an office, they need information. This can include a map of the facility, WiFi passwords, restroom locations, and parking validation. When nothing is available, guests do not feel welcome. Often, one person is responsible for giving out all of this information and it can be time consuming, causing backups at the front desk. Organized front desks use apps to help guests make their way through the building.

Too Much Guest Independence

Without information or apps, guests have to figure out what to do on their own. While guests should have the necessary information they need to maneuver the building, they shouldn’t be wandering around without focus. Organized front desk services can keep guests where they need to be.

Employees on the Phones

If you have a guest host at the front desk, that employee needs to have top-notch phone training. All too often, front desk hosts are on the phone with employees, guests, or customers; therefore, they’re technically unavailable for people who are waiting at the desk. It is also important that front desk employees are not on their personal cell phones in private conversations. No guest wants to wait to talk to a host who is chatting on the phone. With good training and an exceptional phone service, the front desk host can stay focused on the people in the entryway.