Magnetic North Pole continues on its way to Russia

Magnetic North Pole continues on its way to Russia
The Siliconreview
19 Decemebr, 2019

The earth’s magnetic north pole has long since helped with civilian navigation and plays a very different role from the geographical North Pole. It was initially discovered in 1831 and since then has travelled a lot and has reached present day Siberia today. Even though astronomers have said that the rate of speed at which it is travelling has slowed down but will reach Russia very soon causing the World Magnetic Model to be updated a year ahead of the scheduled change.

"Reversals are generated in the deepest parts of the Earth's interior, but the effects manifest themselves all the way through the Earth and especially at the Earth's surface and in the atmosphere," said Brad Singer, study author and University of Wisconsin-Madison geologist. "Unless you have a complete, accurate and high-resolution record of what a field reversal really is like at the surface of the Earth, it's difficult to even discuss what the mechanics of generating a reversal are.Lava flows are ideal recorders of the magnetic field. No volcanoes are erupting continuously. So we're relying on careful field work to identify the right records."

The magnetic poles often change their polarity once in many years. It is possible that the time for the next reversal where the north pole will go the south pole is coming very soon.