VoIP – What makes this technology the backbone of every call center?

VoIP – What makes this technology the backbone of every call center?
The Siliconreview
26 Decemebr, 2019

The importance of the call center for business and customers is not under the cover at all. It’s one of the most power-packed ways to establish inbound and outbound communication and position your business as a professional market player. People tend to stick with businesses more, which have a call center at their service. As a call center bears a lot of responsibilities on its shoulders, it should be a tech-driven tool.

The world of call center software has undergone various changes since its inception. From manual call transferring to the auto-call attendant, a lot has been changed and upgraded for good. Now, the latest trend is using VoIP for a call center. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is the revolutionary technology that has changed the face of communication by all means.

VoIP’s penetration in modern-era telephony has deepened so much that no call center setupis complete and comprehensive without it. Now, you must be thinking why the call center world is going ga-ga over VoIP. Well, the reasons are many.

  • VoIP cuts down the cost

Running a business is already very pocket-heavy, and setting up a call center increases the financial burden by two folds. In that case, using a PSTN-based telephone system is nothing but a foolish act as:

  • Call incurring charges are high with PRT.
  • It demands high set-up and maintenance costs.

On the contrary, VoIP cuts down your regular expenses at various fronts. If you are choosing a cloud-based virtual phone system, then you need not spend a single penny on hardware/software procurement, and maintenance as a service provider takes care of this and many more. You just need to subscribe to the monthly plan and enjoy custom-made telephony service.

Continuing the same cut-the-expenses philosophy, VoIP offers you a very pocket-friendly calling facility. In VoIP, data travels using an internet connection, which is way cheaper than calls made using copper-wires. While you need to pay extra charges to make international calls using PSTN telephony, VoIP does it on the same network and same plan. In short, savings are in your way if you are using VoIP for your call center.

  • Remote workability

Though having a call center is the need of the hour, not every business has that hefty investment ready to open up a fully-functional call center. Infrastructure, set-up, team hiring/training consume a hunk chunk of limited investments. However, you still can’t ignore the importance of the call center.

However, many businesses were able to own a fully-functional call center setup despite limited resources just because of the right VoIP implementation. Using VoIP granted them the ability to establish a call center at any of the remote locations. Cloud telephony works from anywhere without asking a particular office sort of set-up.  

As all the business data is stored in a centralized place, your team can easily start working even from their homes. Also, as virtual phone numbers operate on any of the data-driven devices, you need not build a business-specific phone system for the team. They can use their mobile phones/tablets/laptops/PC for this purpose.

  • The Best Features

The sole purpose of having a call center by your side is to serve your customers better and offer them a great customer service experience. However, using PSTN telephony as the base of your call center set-up increases your problems rather than sorting out. It doesn’t have ample features to cater to your customers professionally.

VoIP, on the other hand, comes as a feature-packed tool that businesses can use to handle customer queries professionally. While call transferring ensures no caller has to wait longer than ideal suggested waiting time, IVR helps them to get things sorted easily and quickly. Similarly, you have on-hold music, voicemail transcription, global connect, in-app messaging facility to be double sure that no query goes unnoticed, and every call gets desired assistance as soon as possible.

Other than this, features like call barging, reporting & analysis, auto voicemail-to-email transcription, performance analysis are here to make your day-to-day operations easy and data-driven. With high-end automation, a VoIP phone system trims down administrative burden from your team’s shoulder and increases their productivity.

The Final Word

Just as having a call center is important to support your business’s stability, customer satisfaction, and great market presence, using the VoIP phone system is important to ensure your call center is fulfilling its purpose by all means. This one technology will not only empower your call center software but also help you cut down your expenses and leverage customer experience. So, ditch the traditional PSTN based telephony today and start using VoIP to witness the true capabilities of your call center.