WhatsApp’s New Updates to Keep an Eye Out For

WhatsApp’s New Updates to Keep an Eye Out For
The Siliconreview
26 Decemebr, 2019

WhatsApp has been busy coming up with a whole new bunch of updates for Android and iOS devices. They are designed to make WhatsApp work better for the users. Some of the updates listed below are exclusive to iOS for now but they are expected to be available for Android soon.

The Dark Mode

The Dark Mode is the most anticipated feature among all the features now available for WhatsApp. The feature has been in the works for a while for both Android and iOS. Once it is ready for iOS, it will be compatible with iOS 13. The new feature is supposed to save battery life and reduce the strain on your eyes caused by staring at bright screens. The Dark Mode has been rolled out for a lot of other applications and operating systems but it is still being tested by WhatsApp through beta updates.

Contacts Integration

This is most likely to be an update for iOS only. This feature will let users share items directly with some suggested WhatsApp contacts using an iOS share sheet. This means that when someone shares an image or document from an iPhone, the phone will enable the WhatsApp icon automatically along with other system sharing apps.

Low Data Mode

The low data mode was available for only WhatsApp calls but has now been integrated into the app. It reduces data usage. Once enabled, WhatsApp stops downloading media. It also stops auto-download of voice messages.

Self-Destructing Messages

The Self-destructing messages feature is similar to Snapchat. The messages will get deleted after a specific period of time.

Multiple Device Support

WhatsApp can be used on multiple devices simultaneously.

QR Code

One of the new features is QR code for sharing contacts. The QR code can be scanned to add new contacts.

Hide Muted Status

Users will be able to hide the muted status update from selected contacts. Right now, contacts are notified when their status updates are muted.