Apple Gets hold of the Amazing app ‘Workflow’

siliconreview Apple Gets hold of the Amazing app ‘Workflow’

Ever since its invention in 2014, Apple has been a big fan of the Workflow app, and has enlisted it as one of the favorite apps which it found as quite innovative. Finally they have made the right decision by investing in the app and buying the team of four employees. The workflow app is a powerful automation tool for iPad and iphone. The app basically combines together a bunch of actions that allows in performing the complicated tasks just by a simple tap.

It can combine a bunch of steps across apps into a single tap. It makes possible integration of different tasks, like making of a GIF from the last clicked pictures or to directly send the location to an uber app, etc. Workflow is used for creating shortcuts and to automate the tasks across the various apps installed on iphone or ipad. With this app we can upload photos and files directly to the cloud storage or drop box. Another advanced feature that it provides is the chance to write a common message which can be directly uploaded to different social networking sites simultaneously. The app was made by a small team that includes Ari Weinstein, a former iPhone jail breaker. This can be a technology to save time and energy, just with few commands, we can automate tasks.

The financial details about the deal haven’t been published yet. Apple has decided to make it free for its users. Unlike the other business deals, the company took a different approach in this.  Apple has not just bought the technology and the employees, but they want the app to keep running on its online store. Although the corporate entity has acquired the appmakers , there is no current plan to integrate the features directly into its own products.

May be the features will be added in the future version of iOS. So this can even be taken as a glimpse towards the implementation of the Augmented Reality (AR).