DigitalOcean comes up with its managed database service

DigitalOcean comes up with its managed database service
The Siliconreview
15 Febuary, 2019

DigitalOcean, an American cloud infrastructure provider began with a basic virtual private server offering developers with affordable cloud services. The company has grown over the years and has included services like load balancers, object and block storage, and container service. However, there is an important feature that has long been missing in its line up: a managed database service.

Finally, DigitalOcean has launched its first edition of managed database service. Presently, it only supports PostgreSQL, one of the most widely-used open-source rational databases. MySQL and Redis support will be added later this year. The company informs that it will add other databases on the basis of customers’ feedback which will be used to prioritize other offerings.

Managed database services promise easy application development like similar services from other vendors.With the managed dataset services offered by the company, the developers will be able to launch a database easily and in a matter of seconds. The service will then handle all the maintenance tasks.

“With Managed Databases, developers and their teams can focus on creating meaningful applications and sharing them with their communities, without the headache of having to manage the database infrastructure that enables the process, "said DigitalOcean’s vice president of Product, Shiven Ramji.

The cloud infrastructure provider promisesfree daily backup and also end-to-end security of customers’ data, both at rest and in transit.