Selling fake followers, likes, or views can put you in trouble

Selling fake followers, likes, or views can put you in trouble
The Siliconreview
01 Febuary, 2019

Social media has been flooded with fake followers and fake likes in the past few years. Social media firms have become more aware of fake accounts and selling of fake likes or followers. Recently, Twitter had addressed such spams and bot accounts.

It is against the law now to sell bot and sock-puppet accounts. In New York, indulging in any such fraudulent social media activities can put you in trouble. New York Attorney General,Letitia James has recently made a path-breaking legal settlement for businesses involved in the fraudulent activities like sale of fake followers, views, or likes on social media platform including Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc. The settlement prohibits Devumi LLC and other firms involved in such shady social media practices. The law makes the sale of fake likes or followers illegal; making it first of its kind action taken by a law enforcement body. Devumi was working for a number of high-profile celebrities to boost their online presence. Of course, it is a lucrative business; CNN notes that Devumi earned around $15 million in this business.

"As people and companies like Devumi continue to make a quick buck by lying to honest Americans, my office will continue to find and stop anyone who sells online deception," said James.

Anyone breaking the law to profit off of deception and impersonation will be held accountable.