Microsoft to Invest $1M to Foster the Canadian Startup Scenario

Microsoft to Invest $1M to Foster the Canadian Startup Scenario
The Siliconreview
02 Febuary, 2019

Software Giant Microsoft will invest more than $1M to help grow the startup ecosystem in the Canadian province, Quebec. It is joining hands with Quebec City Business Incubator and accelerator LE CAMP to carry out the development.

Under the partnership, LE CAMP will be financially supported by the tech giant where they will invest the money in businesses and entrepreneurs of the Canadian province. Apart from that, the money will be used in Microsoft’s surface laptops, Xboxes, hardware and HoloLens devices. It will help the members of LE CAMP to use the developmental tools and apps in the AR and MR.

Another part of the partnership will see Microsoft Collaborative Space equipped with Surface Hub to promote partnerships among Campers and their colleges across the world. The tech giant will also provide mentorship and training to enhance business and technical skills.

Most importantly, Microsoft will pave the way for select CAMP startups to join their program called Microsoft for startups. It will assist the startups to scale their business and provide them access to some of the big players of the world.

According to Carl Viel, LE Camp has already set the platform for development in tech startups in the Quebec province and the company is thankful for this partnership with Microsoft. Mr. Viel serves as the president and CEO of Quebec

“We are tremendously pleased to join forces with CAMP to help foster growth now and in the future,” quoted Kevin Peesker, President of Microsoft Canada.