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MIT Researchers Develop a New Capsule for Treating Type-2 diabetes

siliconreview MIT Researchers Develop a New Capsule for Treating Type-2 diabetes

A team of researchers from the US has created a new capsule for type 2 diabetes. The capsule which resembles the shape of a tortoise could be used as an alternative over the traditional insulin injections. It is packed with a small needle filled with compressed insulin.

The blueberry sized capsule delivered enough insulin to lower down blood sugar levels when tested on animals, therefore pretty much effective than the insulin injections.

Apart from that, the team also found that the new method can also be used to produce other drugs too.

According to David H. Koch, a senior author of the study, the team is pretty much confident about the new capsule as it could someday assist diabetic patients.

Before developing the new capsule, a few years ago, other authors of the study created a pill which was packed with tiny needles which could inject drugs into the stomach’s lining. The researchers transformed the new capsule, as they made its tip fully compressed and freeze-drilled insulin and its shaft are eco-friendly.

The capsule only has one needle which is attached to a compressed spring (held in place by a disk made of sugar). After the capsule is consumed, the sugar which is inside the capsule gets dissolved and produces spring injecting the needle into the walls stomach’s lining.

According to the researchers, since the stomach doesn’t have any pain receptors, people won’t feel any pain from the injection.

Moreover, in order to work on the technology and carry out the capsule’s manufacturing, the team joined hands with Novo Nordisk, a Danish pharmaceutical company.