Waitrose & Partners to Introduce Energy Saving Technology

Waitrose & Partners to Introduce Energy Saving Technology
The Siliconreview
19 Febuary, 2019

British supermarket company, Waitrose & Partners has deployed a power-efficient technology in its stores. The stores will be equipped with shelf edge making them more energy efficient.

Developed by Wirth research, a UK-based engineering company, the product is known as EcoBlade. It is made up of polycarbonate-based twin blades and is designed to reduce the cold air being lost into the isles. EcoBlade will be installed in front of the retailer’s fridge. The same technique is used in car technology.

The product will be launched in shops from March this year. With the use of EcoBlade, the refrigerators in the supermarkets could consume less energy upto a quarter (saving the energy equivalent of preparing 1.6billion cups of tea in a year.)

EcoBlade will also make the aisles warmer so that the customers are comfortable in their surroundings. With that, stores will not have to install fridge doors and can keep the food items fresh because of a good shelf temperature inside the refrigerator.

The new initiative by both Waitrose and Wirth Research aims to find innovative methods to reduce energy consumption in the coming years.

According to Tor Harris, head of corporate social responsibility for Waitrose & Partners,the company has got more to do, but this new initiative means that the company is moving ahead in the efforts to cut down the impacts on the environment.

The new move by the supermarket chain is fantastic and has set up an example of how they look for innovative methods to establish a store which is more sustainable.