ARM Partners with Vodafone and China Unicorn at CWS 2019

ARM Partners with Vodafone and China Unicorn at CWS 2019
The Siliconreview
02 March, 2019

Arm, the UK-based company has joined hands with China Unicom and Vodafone. The move by ARM further pushes them into IoT development. The partnerships were unveiled at the Mobile World Congress 2019.

The partnership with Vodafone enables companies to securely deploy, manage and remotely provision many IoT devices across the global market in a simple and efficient manner.

Apart from that, the partnership also enables NB-IoT-based remote device provisioning and LTE-M technologies. It also helps service providers or application by delivering standards-based deployments.  Since it is powered by Arm’s Kigen iSIM technology, allows to companies to make and deploy a single IoT product. The products can be shipped and connected throughout the world.

Vodafone’s global IoT network helps the devices to connect themselves through the Vodafone’s IoT platform.

These joint products and services are expected to be out by the first quarter of 2020.

In the other partnership, Arm’ Pelion device management service and Mbed OS will be utilized by China Unicorn. As per a statement by both the companies, the deal will help local enterprises and outsider’s businesses in China to establish and operate IoT applications at scale. It will be across many verticals like logistics, smart cities and utility and many more.

The Mbed OS has IoT components and mainstream standards chipped in it, its net release is expected to be available by March this year.